About Terra Green Energy and the Officers

Terra Green Energy, LLC is a torrefaction technology licensing company.

Terra Green Industries, LLC is the builder, owner and operator of the Commercial Torrefaction Demonstration Facility that is being built in McKean County, Pennsylvania. This team has been working on torrefaction since early in 2008. To-date over $1.5M has been invested in a combination of cash and payment-in-kind services rendered to the company.

Harry Halloran, owner of the American Refining Group along with several other companies, has focused on energy most of his professional life with the ownership of not only the ARG petroleum refinery in Bradford, but a wind company and now a biomass company.

Harvey Golubock, serves are President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Refining Group, held positions of increasing executive authority in Witco prior to his current role at ARG, extensive experience in technology, technology licensing, process guarantees, engineering, and administration

Thomas Causer, serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Terra Green Energy, LLC began his career at Quaker State Oil Refining Corporation, Plant Manager of Farmers Valley refinery, VP Manufacturing with responsibilities of all refinery operations, process and project engineering, product design and formulation.

Ms. Michele D. Alfieri-Causer, Esq. attorney licensed to practice in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Over twenty years as an attorney held numerous elected and administrative positions including eight (8) years as District Attorney, County Solicitor, and County Administrator.

Company Officers

Harry Halloran
- Chairman of the Board, majority owner
- Email: HHalloran@amref.com
- Phone: (610) 940-4420 , ext 12

Harvey Golubock
- Chief Executive Officer
- Email: hgolubock@amref.com
- Phone: 814-331-4877

Thomas P. Causer
- President and Chief Operating Officer
- Email: TCauser@TerraGreenEnergy.com
- Phone (814) 598-2350

Michele D. Causer
- VP and Chief Administration Officer
- Email: MAlfieri-Causer@TerraGreenEnergy.com
- Phone (814) 598-0781